The positive impact of opportunity jobs on both the economy and society overall is tremendous, particularly compared to other types of jobs available to workers with no previous skills or experience. The Opportunity Jobs Foundation’s research advisory council is guiding OJF’s efforts to conduct original research to quantify the value of opportunity jobs to the U.S. economy.

Research Studies

OJF’s Phase 1 research analysis focused primarily on three industries that employ millions of opportunity job holders, retail, travel and restaurants. Since there is some overlap between what constitutes a retail, travel or restaurant job, this research did not add or blend them into a single multi-industry grouping.

Rather, the research team has identified highlights of research insights into the workforce of each of these industries and into the nature of “ opportunity jobs” (entry level jobs which do not necessarily require prior industry-specific or job-specific experience), as well as the opportunities such jobs can and do represent.

Diversity in Demographics

Opportunity jobs creators offer an open door to all regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or country of…

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Diversity in Opportunity

The range of the types of job opportunities available through all three industries (retail, travel and…

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Flexibility and Paths to

For millions of Americans, a first job provides critical skills that lead to a successful and rewarding career…

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Opportunity Jobs and

The existing original research studied by the OFJ research team clearly illustrates that the…

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Additional Research Studies

OJF offers a wide variety of perspectives on the topic of opportunity in America, including research studies from various organizations.

Opportunity Since 1970: A Historical Report

Conditions for opportunity across the nation improved overall across the four decades mea- sured in this Historical Report, but the path has been anything but straight, and does not mean our work is finished. The Historical Report Opportunity Score was about 13 percent higher in 2010 than it was in 1970.

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Fast Forward: Travel Creates Opportunities and Launches Careers

The travel industry is the nation’s sixth-largest employer, directly employing 7.5 million Americans and supporting 14.4 million American jobs in transportation, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and many other sectors. For many young workers, a travel job means a first foothold on the career ladder. For part-time students, a travel job means the flexibility to pursue education and training while gaining the benefit of on-the-job experience. For workers at all stages of life, a travel job provides a path to upward mobility.

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Retail Insight: Spotlight on Retail Employees

The retail industry supports 1 in 4 American jobs— from half of all working teenagers, to many of Fortune Magazine’s “Most Powerful Women,” and millions of people in between. This summary report on retail employment offers quick facts from various government resources, media, and retail industry reports, highlighting the career opportunities this sector offers.

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