Diversity in Demographics

demo-imageOpportunity jobs creators offer an open door to all regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or country of origin, so not surprisingly all three of the industries studied showed significantly higher diversity than other industries.

Opportunity job businesses employ higher percentages (vs. the total U.S. workforce) of teenagers and older employees as well as Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans. For example, workers under age 25 account for nearly one-quarter of all travel industry employees, almost twice the proportion (just 13% under age 25) across all U.S. industries. In addition, the retail industry employs a quarter of the country’s working teenagers.

Retail is also a welcoming place for older Americans. For working Americans aged 65 and older, the retail industry is among the top employers. In the restaurant industry, 24% of all workers are Hispanic, a far higher proportion than the 15% Hispanics represent of the total U. S. workforce. Additionally, there are job categories in each of these three industries where those with little or no English speaking ability can find their first job opportunity while they develop that skill. In restaurants, 44% of cooks indicate that they primarily or exclusively speak a language other than English at home whether Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese or other.