Diversity in Opportunity

The range of the types of job opportunities available through all three industries (retail, travel and restaurants) is remarkably broad. In retail more than half of the positions (56%) are not sales positions and include hair stylists, cosmetologists, merchandise displayers, artists, designers, architects, computer programmers and accountants. Further underscoring the diversity of opportunity that exists, the 44% which are classified as sales jobs exist in many different businesses ranging from local apparel, book and pet stores to Nordstrom’s, Home Depot and


Retail – sales, hair stylists, cosmetologists, merchandise displayers, artists, store designers, architects, computer programmers, accountants, managers

Restaurants – chefs, bartenders, servers, hosts, line cooks, pastry chefs, sommeliers, managers, marketers, social media specialists, designers, development managers, controllers

Travel – The range of travel and restaurant jobs is equally broad and, as in the retail industry, many mid-level and senior managers began their careers in these industries in opportunity jobs earning starting wages.

Existing research clearly demonstrates that not only do these three industries offer opportunities to anyone regardless of previous experience, they provide options for individuals to work in whatever particular area they’re passionate about.